Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Delta Airlines

"Someone told me DELTA stands for ‘Don”t Ever Leave The Airport.’ #utterfarce tweet by Piers Morgan"
Delta Airlines NEVER Responded to Tweets Posted on their 24/7 Delta Assists Twitter Feed to Remedy My Customer Complaint

I twittered several times on the Delta Assists Twitter Feed and included a link to this blog post. I deleted my email and phone number from the original post.

Dear Delta Airlines,

My son was killed in Afghanistan last week on his 14th deployment. The story is all over the Internet. I thought you'd be interested in the "service" I received from Delta Airlines trying to book two bereavement flights for my mom and brother.

Below you will find what I’ve been posting on Facebook. Facebook replies include: “Unbelievable. And so sad. No heart. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this on top of your incredible loss.”

Posted on Facebook, August 28, 3:08 pm regarding booking flight for my brother: Trying to book a bereavement flight with Delta Airlines. Took FIVE calls to book ONE flight. Bereavement fare isn't cheaper than Called their 800-number thinking it would be easier than booking online. NOT!
First call, 1:54 pm: Representative puts me on hold. I’m asked to take survey to rate the representative that I talked to for 20 seconds, then they hang up.
Second call, 2:02 pm: Quotes same fare as the online cheap ticket websites. Representative needs info I don't have.
Third call 2:17 pm: Representative doesn't speak English well enough to understand anything, plus ups the previous quote by $400. Can’t give me the fare the second representative quoted.
Fourth call, 2:30 pm: Wait on hold 5 minutes. Another hang up.
Fifth call, 2:36: Representative needed info I’m not allowed to give out, plus ups fare again, can’t honor the first quote I wrote down, because the price went up.

[I explained that I will not be given the name of the funeral home until I arrive for security reasons, because the Westboro Baptist Church protests at military funerals, And yes my son is on Westboro Baptist Church’s “press release.” Here is a portion of it: "Thank God for 15 more dead troops. We are praying for 15,000 more. We will picket their funerals in their home towns in respectful and lawful proximity thereto. Here is a Roster of the Damned: Sgt. 1 Class Kristoffer B. Domeij. We’ve turned America over to the fags; They’re coming home in body bags."]

Posted on Facebook: August 29, 7:15 pm: The Red Cross told the Army that they bought a ticket for my mother on DELTA AIRLINES, however, we have not received confirmation. Delta Airlines WILL NOT because of "protocol" will divulge what time her flight leaves. Only two flights leave Columbus, MS--one at 6 AM and the other at 11 AM. And yes I talked to the manager and again English was her second language.

The manager that I requested to talk to could not confirm or deny whether a flight had been booked. After all that is Delta Airline “protocol.” She asked several times what airline my mom was traveling on. Repeatedly told her that Delta Airlines is the only airline that flies out of Columbus, MS.  Told my distraught 80-plus mother, Nancy H. Springfield, to call Delta. Could find no record of a booking.

Decided to give Delta Airlines another chance on August 30, 10 PM to book a flight on August 31-November 2 for my mother.  Before calling I checked out the seating availability.
Posted on Facebook: Tried to negotiate with DELTA AIRLINES to get my mom to my son's funeral on flights with open seats. Manager says sorry can't lower fare. Can only go by what’s online. They'd rather fly planes with empty seats than negotiate the price. Will happily fly with empty seats unless you pay an exorbitant price. Columbus, MS: FLIGHT: 5530: Leaves 11:00: 9 seats left: Atlanta: Flight: 1123: 24 seats left: Salt Lake City: Flight 1957: 74 seats left.

Posted on Facebook, August 30: Today UNITED AIRLINES UPGRADED the Army Sergeant and myself today to FIRST CLASS without asking. The stewardess was beyond kind to me. Couldn't eat much. So she packed me extra snacks to take with me to make sure I ate. Wow! Can't believe the difference between United Airlines and Delta Airlines. When I flew to Dover Air Force Base, UNITED AIRLINES UPGRADED me to first class, without asking.

Unfortunately, Delta Airlines is the only carrier servicing Columbus, MS. From my experience with Delta Airlines this last week, "How can we help" is an absurdly ridiculous question.

Scoti Springfield Domeij
Below is what the news media is saying about my son.


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Stacy S. Jensen said...

I tweeted this to Delta, in case they haven't found it in a search yet. Very sorry for this additional stress.