Monday, March 2, 2009

Cruciformity—Why the Cross?

"God always does his best work right after a crucifixion." —Rick Scarborough

At the time I discovered my husband's adultery, I hung out with the quilting grannies at church. I loved their wisdom and how frank they were with each other. They just stated it like it was.

One woman, widowed during the depression with seven kids, told me, "Honey, we all have our cross to bear. If we all threw our crosses into a pile, we'd look at each cross others bear and say, "I can't bear that cross. Ohhh…that cross is too hard. Nope, don't want that one either. Then we'd pick up our own cross."

No One Escapes This Life Without Pain

Being crucified by life experiences is how my spiritual story propelled me towards awe-filled, dynamic relationship with God. My shame and pain constantly intersects with the divine story of the cross.

Like Jesus' crucifixion, the pain of someone else's sin—the man I loved—pierced my heart. That betrayal and abandonment inflicted intense pain—suffering that seemingly destroyed my hopes, dreams and family—yet, ultimately infused life into the passion God placed into my heart. I will never understand how someone can betray his or her spouse.

When my husband failed to meet my needs, opportunities to be unfaithful presented themselves. However, temptation did not entice me to abandon my covenant before God to God and to my husband. The shocking, devastating discovery of my husband's choices revealed God's character, providing the example of how he desires for me to live life—marked by faith, love, power, and hope.

Life's Cross Walk

These simple cartoons reveal a profound truth.

Cruciformity—Reality Unblurred

I've done my share of complaining about the cross I bear. Looking back, I see how God prepared me for the crevices in my life that He could see and I couldn't. Every one fights some kind of battle. My prayer is that the trials, disappointments and hurts I've overcome with God's help will offer comfort and hope to others. With God, all things are possible.

Whatever your cross or pain, sunshine follows the rain.

If you've stumbled or fallen, God will answer your call for help.

God knows every person's heartache, sees every tear. His words calm our fears and heal our souls.

My Savior and God give me grace to bear lingering sorrows.

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Tea With Tiffany said...

Scoti, you are beautiful. You breathe life to others through your honesty. I love your passion to help others who are walking where you've been. You are making a difference. You bring perspective and the hope of Christ.

May God bless you with much grace to endure the dusty roads ahead. May He send bouquets of flowers and rainbows after every rain!

Love you,